2-Pack Google Cardboard Virtual Reality VR Viewer

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2-Pack Official Google Cardboard Virtual Reality VR Viewer

Bring virtual reality to life with Google Cardboard. Using your smartphone and VR apps, this quality viewer puts the world of VR right in your hands, affordably.

Immersive experience
Step into stunning environments that stretch all around you. No matter where you look, it’s as if you’re really there.

Lots of content to explore
Discover thousands of VR apps and games, and a variety of captivating YouTube videos made to view with Cardboard. Travel the world, go onstage with your favorite artists, experience thrilling simulations, and more.

Clever, user-friendly design
Cardboard assembles in three simple steps. It features custom-designed, high-quality lenses for immersive visuals, and a partially laminated body for durability.

Works with your smartphone
Cardboard supports most Android or iOS phones with screen sizes from 4 to 6 inches.² It also has an interactive click button that works with all compatible phones.

Cardboard app
The Cardboard app puts virtual reality on your smartphone. It helps you set up your viewer, find VR content, and launch your favorite experiences.

So much content to dive into
Explore outer space and dance onstage with your favorite artists. Thousands of VR apps, games, and videos are available to surround you in the experience, making you feel like you’re really there.

VR on YouTube
YouTube's 360° Channel is your destination for popular and compelling 360° VR videos.

Google Street View
Explore world landmarks, natural wonders, and new locations. You can even create and share your own Street View photo spheres.

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