Belkin Secure Holder with Key Ring Keychain for Apple AirTag White

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Belkin Secure Holder with Key Ring for Apple AirTag - White

Model: F8W973btWHT

Brand New, Sealed Retail Packaging

Recover lost items more easily with this original Belkin Secure Holder with Key Ring for Apple AirTag. The holder is made to protect and hold a single Apple AirTag (not included), and the integrated key ring can be used for a variety of applications. Obviously, the key ring is ideal for house keys and a car keyfob, but you can also attach it too other items, such as a backpack, purse, or a pet's collar. Whatever you attach it to can be conveniently and remotely tracked with a compatible iOS device.

Twist-and-Lock Design
The twist-and-lock design of the holder is made to securely hold a single Apple AirTag.

Built-In Protection
The holder sports raised edges on both sides to protect the AirTag from accidental scratching.

Open Display
Each side of the holder is open to display the AirTag's finish and any laser etching applied to its surface.

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