Google 18W Fast Wall Charger Head Adapter Type C USB Pixel 5 4 3 XL

Color: Black
Sale price$9.99


Official Google Pixel 18W USB Type-C Fast Charge Wall Charger Power Adapter

Model: G1000-US

This genuine Google Wall Charger Adapter you've come to rely on is perfect for anyone who fears losing their phone wall charger and being left without a way to power up. Pick up one, two or three to keep one at work in your desk, in the utility drawer at home, even keep in your bag so you're never without it. The universal USB Type-C port and Auto Detect IC Technology means it's compatible with most devices, smartphones and tablets. This Original Google Fast Charge USB Type-C Wall Charger is the perfect spare! Stay connected with friends and family via phone or text, update your Twitter account or simply check out what your circle is up to on Google+. Transfer all your data from your phone to your desktop computer (or laptop) with the detachable USB Type-C cable.


- Single Type-C USB FAST Charger output (Type-C, not regular USB)

- Google Branded UL-Certified

- Universal Type-C USB Port with Auto Detect IC Technology (compatible with most devices, smartphones and tablets)

- This original Google charger recharges your phones battery at a super fast rate compared to the typical 1 Amp or 700mAh charger

- The compact design makes this charger a must-have when you travel

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