Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus 5G LED Back Cover White Case

Sale price$19.99


Genuine Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G LED Back Cover Case - White

Part Number: EF-KG985CWEGUS

This official Samsung LED Back Cover for Galaxy S20+ does more than just protect your phone from damage. It features built-in LED lights on the back to provide you with helpful information at a glance. The back cover's LEDs can show you notifications, such as incoming calls or messages. They can display a countdown timer so everyone knows when the picture will be taken. It can also be used for mood lighting. Just turn your phone on the front to watch them fade in and out. The case is made to easily snap onto your Galaxy S20 Plus and draws power for the LEDs directly from the phone's battery.

Compatible with:
- Samsung Galaxy S20+
- Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G

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