Genuine OEM Samsung Galaxy S23 Rugged Grip Gadget Case Titan Card Slot Ring

Sale price$44.95


Original Samsung Galaxy S23 Rugged Grip Gadget Case

Color: Titan / Gray / Black

Part Number: EF-RS911CBEGUS

Brand New, Sealed Retail Packaging

With this genuine Samsung Rugged Gadget Case, you'll help protect your Galaxy S23 phone from falls, bumps and scratches. Featuring a sturdy design and comfortable grip, the Galaxy S23 Rugged Gadget Case helps keep your phone in your hands.

Whether you're looking to keep the cards you need close at hand or want to securely grip your phone with confidence, choose from a variety of detachable accessories and elevate your Galaxy S23 Rugged Gadget Case.

From a convenient card slot to a secure wrist strap, detachable accessories can turn your Rugged Gadget Case into the ultimate do-it-all gadget.

100% Authentic Samsung or Your Money Back

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