Samsung Galaxy S22+ Plus Leather Cover Case Gray

Sale price$23.99


Genuine Samsung Leather Cover Case for Galaxy S22+

Color: Gray

Part Number: EF-VS906LJEGUS / EF-VS906LJEWMT

Made of genuine leather, this original Samsung cover case enhances the sleek look of your Galaxy S22+ phone. Envelop your Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus with a luxurious material that's soft to the touch. The Gray Leather Cover has been designed specially to protect the rear camera on your Galaxy S22+. So you can take photos and videos with less worry about your lens. Enjoy using your phone with fewer worries, knowing that the Leather Cover keeps it safe from bumps and shocks. The elegant material not only covers the back, but wraps around the edges of the phone as well. The slim design of the Leather Cover doesn't add excess to your phone's form. The soft leather enhances the comfortable, ergonomic grip of the phone, keeping your hands happy.

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