Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Black Leather Cover Case

Sale price$29.95


Official Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Leather Cover Case

Color: Black

Part Number: EF-VF936LBEGUS

With this authentic Samsung Leather Cover, you will enhance the elegance of Galaxy Z Fold4 unique foldable design. The Leather Cover brings the softness of genuine leather to the exterior of your phone, available in Black or Graygreen.

This Samsung Leather Cover is specially formed to cradle the edges of the phone when installed. This helps add protection to the front and the back of the phone while keeping the sleek shape of the phone intact.

Made with premium calf leather, the Leather Cover brings the work of craftmanship to you in both touch and design. Enjoy the incredibly soft surface everyday and firmly hold onto your device with comfort.

Simply doing our share. The Galaxy Z Fold4 Leather Cover contains UL-certified post-consumer recycled content.

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