Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Silicone Grip Cover Case with Strap Black

Sale price$22.99


Official Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Silicone Grip Cover with Strap

Color: Black

Part Number: EF-GF936TBEGUS

Brand New, Sealed Retail Packaging

This genuine Samsung Silicone Grip Cover for Galaxy Z Fold4 has silicone built to endure your everyday life, and the silicone strap on the back secures your grip on your phone – helping to keep it safely in your hand and not on the floor.

With the fashionable strap on the back, the Silicone Grip Cover gives you convenient grip assistance that helps prevent accidental drops.

Along with the strap, the silicone case is smooth to the touch and sits comfortably in your grip while boasting its stylish matte finish.

The Galaxy Z Fold4 Silicone Grip Cover contains UL-certified post-consumer recycled content.

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