Genuine Samsung SHLDAir Rugged Shockproof Case for Galaxy S23

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Genuine Samsung SHLDAir Rugged Shockproof Case

Compatible with Galaxy S23 only


Brand New, Retail Packaging

When a phone drops, the corners hit the ground first due to the center of gravity. The shock received at this time is transmitted to the phone. No matter how thick the case is, if it cannot absorb the shock it has limited protection against impact to the phone.

With this in mind, we developed SHILDAir technology. It wraps the four vulnerable corners with air-cushions to ensure that the case absorbs the impact of falling as much as possible.

SHILDAir passed the 13ft drop test and also passed military standard test 7 times in a row. The case that can help shield your phone from any extreme hazards, it is SHILDAir.

The best way to protect your phone is never to drop it. SHILDAir's ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip and the comb-patterned shape on the side prevents slipping from your hand.

You can attach a strap of your choice to the strap hole at the bottom and wrap it on your wrist or anywhere you want. SHILDAir is suitable for all your outdoor activities.


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