Sony EC250 CTIA to OMTP Adapter Converter Headphones Handsfree Earphones

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OEM Sony Ericsson EC250 CTIA to OMTP Audio Adapter Converter

EC250 adapter - CTIA to OMTP converter - enables you to use other headsets with Sony Ericsson phones.

Sony Ericsson phones follow the OMTP standard, while other manufacturers follow the CTIA standard.

One of the differences between these two standards is the wiring to the 3.5mm plug; therefore, if you connect a CTIA headset to a Sony Ericsson phone, you might get reduced functionality or it might not work at all (depending on accessory and phone model).

If you have a headset that follows the CTIA standard that you would like to use with your Sony Ericsson phone, this adapter 1249-0456 EC250 converts it to OMTP.

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