GPS Lockbox Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8" Mount Case Holder Ultra Pro Flex Black

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Permanently and securely install a Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8.0 in your fleet vehicle with the Tablet Lock Box Bundle. The bundle features a commercial-grade locking tablet enclosure, heavy-duty 4-Hole AMPS drill-base mount with security hardware, and commercial vehicle power system. The LBFLXTABE-MAGKIT is compatible only with the Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8.0 (dimensions: 8.34 x 4.96 x .35 inches or 212 x 126 x 8.9mm). This lockbox kit is ideal for limos, boats, trolleys, school buses, delivery vehicles, taxis, or other type of fleets where mounting a tablet securely is essential.

The tablet fits snuggly into the durable plastic lockbox and can be easily detached from the mount base with a key lock (keys included). Cutouts are provided in the tablet enclosure for easy access to the camera, power button, and power outlet. The lock box features a hand strap for easy handling of the tablet outside of the vehicle. A 2.4 Amp charging system is designed to not overcharge the battery while providing appropriate power to the tablet. A magnetic charging insert module and hardwire kit are also included. The lock box mount can be drilled right into your vehicle’s console. Arkon recommends consulting a mobile install professional to avoid drilling into any sensitive vehicle components. 

The tough, low-vibration mount pedestal measures 4 inches (102mm) high from end to end. A hex bolt and key are included so the pedestal’s adjustment knob can be removed for additional security. The arm of the pedestal swivels on both the top and the bottom, providing 360-degree rotation and the ultimate flexibility in positioning the tablet at any angle.

You have enough to think about without having to keep track of all your business devices. Whether at the front desk or in the front seat, now you can leave it in GPSLockbox—unattended yet secure.

Deliveries? Inspections? Your tablet is at home in the vehicle, but sometimes you have to take it with you to get the job done. GPSLockbox secures your tablet while making it a cinch to dock and undock when duty calls. Go ahead—you've got this.

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