KEY Portable Power Bank Battery Charger for Apple Watch iPhone iPod 5000mAh

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KEY Portable Power Bank Battery Charger for Apple Watch, iPhone, iPod


Charge 3 devices simultaneously with this KEY Portable Power Bank Battery of 5000 mAh capacity. With the portable power bank you can charge your Apple watch - just rest it aligning the watch base to the magnetic module on the power bank; once done the watch will start charging and will display the charging status. Also, you can charge your Apple iPhone with the integrated Lighting cable - just connect the phone to Lighting cable; once connected your iPhon will start charging. More than that, you can charge your device using with USB-A port using your own cable - just connect the USB-A end of the charging cable in the USB-A port of the power bank and the other end of the cable in your device. Micro USB cable to charge the power bank is included.


- 5000 mAh lithium-ion battery

- Integrated lightning cable

- Micro USB input - 5V 2A

- Lighting output - 5V 1A

- Apple watch output - 5V 1A

- USB A port - 5V 1A

Made for:
- iPhone Xs Max
- iPhone Xs
- iPhone Xr
- iPhone X
- iPhone 8 Plus
- iPhone 8
- iPhone 7 Plus
- iPhone 7
- iPhone SE
- iPhone 6s Plus
- iPhone 6s
- iPhone 6 Plus
- iPhone 6
- iPhone 5s
- iPod touch (6th generation)
- iPod touch (5th generation)
- Apple Watch Series 4
- Apple Watch Series 3
- Apple Watch Series 2
- Apple Watch Series 1
- Apple Watch (1st generation)

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