Logitech SmartDock Extender Box with 5-in-1 Cable for Larger Rooms

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Logitech SmartDock Extender Box with 5-in-1 Cable

Part Number: 960-001095

Connect the Logitech SmartDock Extender Box to your Logitech SmartDock (not included) and enjoy not only a 16' extension, but the Extender Box also provides you with support for Logitech's GROUP video conferencing system. The Extender Box features connections for two HDMI in/out streams, GROUP pass-through, power pass-through, and two Ethernet ports. The included 16' long cable provides connection for power, HDMI, USB, and LAN, which helps make for a tidy installation.

What's In Box:
- Docking Station
- 5m/16ft Extender Cable
- VESA Mounting Plate 100x100mm
- Hook and Loop Pads
- Documentation

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