Mophie Juice Pack 2000 mAh Battery Case for iPhone Xs X Gold

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Mophie Juice Pack Access 2000 mAh Battery Case for iPhone Xs and iPhone X

Color: Gold

Part Number: 401002829

With this Mophie Juice Pack Access 2000 mAh Battery Case, you will protect your luxurious iPhone X or iPhone Xs, and add hours of battery life. This ergonomic and form-fitting case is designed to fully protect your iPhone, while charging your device when its battery is low and still giving you access to your Lightning port and speakers. With its 2,000 mAh lithium-polymer battery, you get up to 31 hours of total battery life. When it comes to protection, this case features internal rubberized support pads to protect your iPhone from drops and falls, while the raised corners help prevent scratches and cracks to your screen. Recharge the juice pack access by simply laying it on any Qi wireless charging pad or by plugging the included charging cable into the USB Type-C port. In addition, this charging case has built-in short-circuit, overcharge, and temperature protection, so you can charge with confidence.


- Designed for use with Apple iPhone X and XS to protect and complement your phone.

- Polycarbonate exterior for stylish looks and durability.

- Wireless charging works with Qi charging systems for rapid wireless charging.

- 2,000 mAh capacity delivers reliable backup power to your phone.

- Rechargeable, so you can replenish the case's charge using the included USB cable.

- Scratch-resistant design protects your device against accidental damage.

- Impact drop protection safeguards against harm caused by accidental drops.

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