NEW Samsung 25W Super Fast Charging Battery Power Pack 10000 mAh Silver

Sale price$44.99


Samsung Super Fast Charging 25W Battery Power Pack 10,000mAh

Perfect for latest Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Phones

Color: Silver

Part Number: EB-P3300XJEGUS

Brand New, Sealed Retail Packaging

With this genuine Samsung 10,000mAh 25W USB Type-C Portable Power Bank, you can recharge up to two devices on the go. The portable battery is an ideal solution for powering devices in an emergency when no AC outlet is available. The built-in USB Type-C and USB Type-A ports can fast recharge up to 25W of power to get you back up and running quickly. The battery also supports up to 25W of fast charging for itself, so you top off the battery just as quickly as your devices. Four built-in LED status lights conveniently let you know how much power is left in the power bank.

- Battery Pack
- Type-C to Type-C Cable
- Leaflet

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