Verizon 25W Fast Charge USB-C Type C Cable Wall Charger 6ft

Sale price$11.95


Original Verizon USB Type-C Cable Wall Adapter with Fast Charge Technology

Compatible with any smartphone or device with USB-C port


- 12V 2.15A / 9V 2.85A / 5V 2.85A

- Durable and dependable. This charger has a 6 foot thick, malleable cord. Charger head gives off a soft glow when in use.

- 12 Volts / 2.15 Amp worth of fast charging power! Your phone will get a safe, fast, reliable charge. The technology in the charger will protect against surges and not overcharge your phone.

- Use the included USB-C cable, or a micro-USB / Lightning cable (not included) to charge any device you have.

- Provides maximum charging speed to devices for uninterrupted performance of navigation and media streaming while still being used.

- Charger head gives off a soft glow when in use to indicate that its charging.

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