Tile Mate Accessories - 1 Zip Strap, 1 Iron-on Pocket, 2 Adhesives

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Tile Mate Accessories: 1 Zip Strap, 1 Iron-on Pocket, 2 Adhesives


Easily attach Tile Mate to the things that matter most. Bundle includes 1 Zip Strap, 1 Iron on Pocket and 2 adhesives. Tile Mate Bluetooth tracker is sold separately.

Zip Strap
The Zip Strap wraps around bicycle frames, scooter handles, anything up to 1.75" in diameter. Slip your Tile Mate snugly into the Zip Strap after activation and track your bike's location via the Tile app.

The Pocket is specially designed to fit your Tile Mate snugly and securely. Iron the Pocket for Tile Mate onto jackets, coats, blankets, etc.

Attach your Tile to anything with our custom adhesive. Ideal for items that you can't tuck Tile into or easily hook on to, like laptops, tablets, toys, remotes, travel charges, headphones or tools!

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