ZAGG Fusion Curve Flexible Hybrid Screen Protector for Galaxy S22 Ultra

Sale price$29.95


ZAGG InvisibleShield Fusion Curve with D30 Screen Protector

Made for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra only

100% Authentic ZAGG or Your Money Back

This original ZAGG Fusion Curve is a flexible hybrid screen protector, designed to feel just like glass, that absorbs shock and disperses impact, and it’s crafted to fit your curved screen. Fusion Curve contains antimicrobial properties that protect the screen protector by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria and guarding against degradation from microorganisms. Your phone goes everywhere with you, and there are a lot of hazards out there, seen and unseen. Keep your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra screen safe from scratches, shatter damage, and much more.

- InvisibleShield Fusion Screen Protector
- Instructions
- EZ Apply Tray
- Microfiber Cloth
- Cleaning Wipe
- Dust Removal Sticker
- Squeegee

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